Consumer Fraud Attorney Fort Lauderdale, FLAfter a series of legal setbacks across the United States, pharmaceuticals giant Johnson & Johnson announced on Thursday that the company has agreed on a S181M settlement due to their controversial marketing claims on the benefits of their new antipsychotic drug, Risperdal. The settlement will be divided amongst the 36 participating states – including Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and New York – and the District of Columbia.

Reports say that the company’s subsidiary, Janssen, promoted the drug’s use for treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder in children and dementia in seniors – claims that have not been approved to be released to the public, which, as any consumer fraud lawyer would know, is an extremely dangerous and serious offense.

Together with the settlement’s announcement, Johnson and Johnson also asserted that they have implemented a new system to ensure that they avoid making false or misleading claims in the future.


The Murphy Law Firm, led by Robert W. Murphy, applauds news of this settlement. All companies, no matter how big or small, should be held accountable for all information they provide the public, especially in the healthcare industry, where lives are at stake. If you have any concerns about any company’s marketing and promotional practices, call our office for a free legal consultation. We provide services that involve consumer fraud; including fair debt collection , fair credit reporting and privacy.