The Law Office of Robert W. Murphy together with co-counsel recently filed a class action in New Jersey federal court alleging that Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks of America, Inc. (“Mitsubishi”) installed defective emissions control systems in diesel trucks. The lawsuit filed on behalf of a Florida seafood supplier alleges that the so-called “Blue-Tech”® engines installed in commercial trucks were defective. According to Mitsubishi, Blue Tech® is an emissions control technology that utilizes selective catalytic reduction to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions for clean, efficient operation.”  Mitsubishi marketed the BlueTec® engines as a better alternative to the systems installed by other truck engine manufacturers to comply with new EPA regulations.

  According the Complaint in the lawsuit:

           As designed, adapted and installed on the diesel-powered, medium duty trucks sold by Defendant, however, BlueTec® technology has rendered the trucks defective.  Among other things, the technology has resulted in the repeated failures of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (“DEF”) handler, the fuel injectors, the crank case pressure sensors and breather, the catalytic converter muffler, the DEF tank internal sensor, the engine protection system, the EEC programming, as well as a lack of power, and numerous other problems that have caused the trucks to stall or not restart.  In short, all medium duty trucks with the BlueTec® technology sold by Defendant have manifested a model-wide defect causing operational failures about which purchasers have continuously complained throughout the country.

The Complaint alleges that over 5,000 trucks with the technology were sold.
The Complaint seeks monetary and equitable relief under inter alia the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

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Robert W. Murphy Consumer Fraud Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL.