During the last two decades, Attorney Murphy has been litigating against unscrupulous car Florida dealers from the Panhandle to the Keys. The variety of fraudulent conduct has ranged from the commonplace “five-finger fan” practice of hiding the terms of a contract with the spread of a palm to the less common but more extreme misconduct of selling cars hashed together from welded wrecks. With advances in technology, the fraud has become more sophisticated, and includes the sale of “cloned cars,”  which are actually stolen vehicles which are given counterfeit titles to other cars of the same  year and make.  Recently, Attorney Murphy has been investigating dealerships who roll-back odometers using the services of a Miami man – dubbed “Mr. Wizard – who uses a handheld “mileage correction” device  to “magically” remove thousands of miles from a vehicle.

The Federal Trade  Commission (“FTC”) has released a series of informative videos to help car buyers through the ordeal and perils of buying a car.  The links are:

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Buying a car? This 1-minute video from @FTC tells you what to know about add-ons before you visit a dealer.